Cirque du Soleil Unveiling New Show in October

Scalability has become the secret to Cirque’s version; the provider sells 17 million tickets every year to its various displays, that were in 450 cities.
Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is getting a troupe of all magicians known as the Illusionists, building to a international live-performance empire which currently comprises the Blue Man Group and theatrical displays.

Cirque du Soleil is preparing to unveil a brand new show in October which will target a younger audience, Lamarre said. As yet unnamed, it’s inspired by Hollywood films and live-action stunts and is intended to draw an audience that is used to immersive video games and movies. Growing internationally has had any hitches.

Six years after its introduction in the Outer Harbor, an encore performance by Cirque du Soleil, the acclaimed large high extravaganza, is coming to San Pedro at a central waterfront spot plus another series that port officials expect will bring much larger audiences. The tent held 2,600 individuals plus some 66,000 people attended the shows entirely, Galvin explained, which makes it”reasonably profitable.”

It requires 17 semi trailers, 43 musicians of 21 distinct nationalities, 34 technicians, 100 local platform hands, four apparel wizards and 2,000 costume bits to perform exactly what Cirque du Soleil hasn’t done before — work on ice hockey.

Cirque du Soleil, famous for its breathtaking displays of individual agility and epic story telling, encouraged the Leader-Post to get a behind-the-scenes research into exactly what is necessary to put on a series, also in this instance pull something off that had never achieved before.

Eighteen people with a history in aggressive skating took to the ice to get rehearsal Thursday day, practising backflips, dizzying jumps, and of class behaves which unite skating together with trapeze and other airborne acrobatics.

You perform checkers. You carefully employ your make-up utilizing directions on a sheet of A4 paper trapped beside a mirror. You kiss your children. You practise and practise and practise, despite the fact that you’re not doing that evening. You assess the significant whiteboard that informs you who is doing what and when.

Erin Cervantes, an aerialist at Cirque du Soleil’s’Corteo,”’ is just one of four girls who dangle from quite massive chandeliers to depict the previous romantic pursuits of Maro, the clown in the middle of this creation.

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